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July 21-23, 2023 – Hilton Columbus at Easton

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MAHO members are Independent Natural Products Industry Retailers, Manufacturers, Brokers and Distributors throughout the Midwest.

MAHO Trade Show

Trade Show

The MAHO Expo and Summer Splash Convention  is the annual premier event bringing association retailers, exhibitors and industry professionals together.


With your participation we continue to effect policy change and ensure that we maintain your right to sell products, and the rights of your customers to make healthy choices.

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Not a believer in gluten sensitivity? Check out this study from researchers at Italian Medical Centers of NCGC (non-celiac gluten sensitivity) 👇👇 They specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of gluten-related disorders and identified nearly 500 patients with suspected non-celiac gluten sensitivity. They used patients’ reported symptoms, lab tests, intestinal biopsy results (if performed), and other factors to identify those who were sensitive to gluten.*More women than men suffered from gluten sensitivity, by a ratio of more than 5 to 1. *The average age of the patients was 38. *Nearly half of the patients had irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) while 35% reported food intolerance. *Almost 1 in 5 patients had a relative with celiac disease. *Researchers reported that 14% of gluten-sensitive people in the study had an autoimmune disease, most commonly autoimmune thyroiditis.Research and Resources👇👇An Italian prospective multicenter survey on patients suspected of having non-celiac gluten sensitivity 👉👉 about TWO digestive enzymes, E3 Advanced Plus AND Wheat Rescue 👉👉 They will break down 99% of not only gluten but dairy, soy, nuts, fish, pea, hemp and egg within 90 minutes⠀👇👇Watch a video to understand the difference between the two digestive enzymes👉👉 (scroll down)E3 Advanced Plus 👉👉 Rescue 👉👉 #glutenfreefood #glutenfreelife #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreediet #nonceliacglutensensitivity #celiac #glutenfreefollowme #glutensensitivity #theglutensummit #leakygut #leakybrain #gutbrainconnection #guthealthmatters #guthealthy #guthealing #guthealth #autoimmune #drtomobryan #thedrcom ... See MoreSee Less
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Pesticides are neurotoxins. They affect our children's developing brains. Non organic foods, especially spinach and strawberries, can many pesticides sprayed on them during their growing cycle.And the 6th reason... for pesticides that are endocrine disruptors, scientists tell us "the dose doesn't make the poison". These endocrine-disrupting chemicals are potentially MORE TOXIC at lower levels. What makes it even more complicated is that it can take decades before science documents that a synthetic pesticide is an endocrine disruptor. Glyphosate and atrazine are good examples of this, but there are others. And Novaluron, for example, which was found in over 42% of the conventional butter samples tested by the USDA in 2021, was recently found to be a reproductive toxin... but it hasn't been thoroughly studied to determine if it's an endocrine disruptor. So when the USDA tells us that the pesticides they detected in butter or fruits or veggies or grains or anything else are within safe levels - we put little to no faith in that. You just have to look at the approval process to understand why.In case you missed it, see our post (yesterday) about pesticides in conventional butter. Do your best. Be well ❤.#USDA #EPA #pesticides #Food #FoodSafety #health #endocrinedisruptor #holistic #gmofreecanada #gmofreeusa #toxinfreeusa ... See MoreSee Less
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The FDA has admitted that mercury Amalgams are toxic to children, babies, pregnant women and those with immune problems.

Redd Remedies® is a family owned company led by Dan Chapman, 2nd generation owner of Sunrise Health Foods. We know from experience that true health goes beyond what any supplement company can offer, which is why we choose to work in the natural health and nutrition industry.

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