MAHO is a 15-state regional trade association committed to supporting the natural products industry


July 22-24, 2022 – Hilton Columbus at Easton

2021 MAHO Expo Show Directory and Resource Guide (PDF)
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MAHO members are Independent Natural Products Industry Retailers, Manufacturers, Brokers and Distributors throughout the Midwest.

MAHO Trade Show

Trade Show

The MAHO Expo and Summer Splash Convention  is the annual premier event bringing association retailers, exhibitors and industry professionals together.


With your participation we continue to effect policy change and ensure that we maintain your right to sell products, and the rights of your customers to make healthy choices.

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MangosteenMangosteen fruit is found in Southeast Asia. The fruit is harvested and coveted for their numerous health benefits. Mangosteen, until recently, was been banned from import into the U.S. because there were concerns over introducing the Asian fruit fly into North America.The ban on mangosteen imports has now been lifted, but the imports must undergo an irradiation process to ensure that no foreign insects or animals will make it into the country. ... See MoreSee Less
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An herbalist friend wrote the following, in part. This is true for whole herbs fresh, dried, as well as their oils."Well, any time I hear “this herb is good for…” my skeptic alarm sounds and my radar goes on high alert. (And it should because you can not legally make medical claims for anything except drugs.) This herb is good for arthritis This herb is good for gout This herb is good for weight loss............That’s really not how we think about herbs, ( or vitamins, minerals, homeopathy and natural remedies) but…It’s exactly how the medical industry thinks, and we’ve been heavily influenced by their industry - “Take this drug for this symptom, and you’ll feel better by noon”.But you certainly don’t want to get caught up in the temptation of simply replacing a medication with an herb and think you’re doing justice to herbalism or to the ancient healing arts.Truth Is… Herbs aren’t good for stuff. Herbs help your body come back into balance so your body can heal itself." ... See MoreSee Less
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[FREE BOOK] The Truth About Deadly Virus, Disease And Getting Healthy ... See MoreSee Less
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The FDA has admitted that mercury Amalgams are toxic to children, babies, pregnant women and those with immune problems.

Redd Remedies® is a family owned company led by Dan Chapman, 2nd generation owner of Sunrise Health Foods. We know from experience that true health goes beyond what any supplement company can offer, which is why we choose to work in the natural health and nutrition industry.

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