→ posted: Dec. 04, 2018:

As our nation mourns the passing of President George H.W. Bush, respectfully, there will be no votes in the House this week. Don’t panic, events on Capitol Hill are always dynamic! The permanent legalization of Hemp-Derived CBD is just on the horizon!

House Cancels Votes, Senate Postpones for Bush Ceremonies

→ posted Nov. 29, 2018:

Attention all Wolverines, Buckeyes and fans of the Crimson Tide, please take the time to read this critically important information from the U.S. Hemp Roundtable. This is a RED ALERT and time to make your voices heard!

Urge Lawmakers in Alabama, Michigan & Ohio to Permit the Retail Sale of Hemp-Derived CBD

→ posted Nov. 20, 2018:

It is remarkable what Hemp-Derived CBD has done for this Indiana Brick and Mortar Retailer but it’s even more remarkable what CBD is doing for the health of Americans across the country! The great state of Indiana wisely decided to pick this fight and win the right to legally market and sell these products! Business is booming at Adele’s and every one of her customers is a direct beneficiary of this store’s resolve!

The Certified Business of Disruption | Adele’s Naturally Spotlight from PlusCBD Oil on Vimeo.