Alliance For Natural Health

Alliance for Natural Health USA is the international voice for change. Their grassroots effort places them squarely at the forefront of the fight for freedom of choice in healthcare.

  • COVID Vax/Discrimination: Is Healthy Debate Possible?
    on June 10, 2021

    How the current climate makes discussions about hard, controversial issues almost impossible. The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said, “All truth passes […]

  • CAFOs Kill 17,000 a Year
    on June 10, 2021

    …by emitting harmful pollutants in the air while the EPA does nothing. Action Alert! A new study has linked air pollution emanating from concentrated animal […]

  • Your Right to kNOw: Episode Five
    on June 10, 2021

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  • Feds’ Warped Logic on Supplements
    on June 3, 2021

    A research review from the National Institute of Health (NIH) shows the promise of dietary supplements in fighting COVID-19 yet concludes there isn’t enough […]

  • B12 on the FDA’s Hot Seat
    on June 3, 2021

    An FDA advisory committee could soon decide the fate of compounded B12 shots. Action Alert! One June 9th, 2021, the FDA’s Pharmacy Compounding Advisory […]

  • Your Right to kNOw: Episode Four
    on June 3, 2021

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  • Vax Passports: Where Your State Stands
    on May 27, 2021

    A lay of the land on what states are doing—or not doing—to protect freedom of choice. Action Alert! As more Americans get vaccinated against COVID-19, and […]

  • Zapping Your Brain With WiFi
    on May 27, 2021

    More concerning trends exposing us to increased levels of radiation. Action Alert! For the first time, researchers wirelessly recorded the brain activity of […]

  • Your Right to kNOw: Episode Three
    on May 27, 2021

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  • Universities Fail Discrimination Test
    on May 20, 2021

    Many colleges are requiring students to get vaccinated for COVID-19 before returning to campus, discriminating against those who have medical reasons for not […]